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Advertising for positions listed below has been purchased from the CSCC and are printed in the CSCC News and on this website. In addition, members of the society belonging to the CSCC listserv will receive an email notice that a new posting has appeared on the website. Please contact our Head Office for detailed information and current advertising rates.

 Job 313 Pediatric Consultant Chemical Pathologist/Clinical Scientist Qatar
 Job 311 Clinical Biochemist Eastern Health, NL
 Job 310 Clinical Biochemist Regina SK
 Job 309 Clinical Biochemist Toronto ON
 Job 308 Clinical Biochemist British Columbia
 Job 307 Clinical Chemist Edmonton AB
 Job 306 Clinical Biochemist North York ON
 Job 305 Clinical Biochemist Ottawa ON
 Job 304 Scientific Director, Provincial Toxicology Centre Vancouver BC
 Job 303 Clinical Biochemist Toronto ON
 Job 302 Director for Clinical Chemistry Ontario Toronto ON
 Job 301 Clinical Biochemist (temporary position) Vancouver BC
 Job 299 Clinical Chemist Toronto ON
 Job 298 Clinical Biochemist London ON
 Job 296 Clinical Biochemist Winnipeg MB
 Job 293 Medical Biochemist Vancouver BC
 Job 289 Clinical Biochemist Saskatoon SK