CSCC Objectives

The aim of the Canadian Society of Clinical Chemists is to raise and maintain a high standard of practice of clinical chemistry and promote the professional status of clinical chemists.

"Clinical Chemistry shall be defined as the application of chemical and biochemical concepts and the corresponding analytical techniques, to the prevention, detection, diagnosis, treatment and understanding of disease."

"The objectives of the Society and its territory of operation shall be namely, to carry on, without pecuniary gain, a scientific and professional society for the advancement of the practice of clinical chemistry, to hold scientific and educational conferences and meetings, to disseminate information of professional interest, to encourage the development and use of improved methods of practice, reference materials, apparatus and quality control, and to establish affiliation and/or close liason with other societies and groups whose programs may be related to clinical chemistry and are in the interest of the public.

Also, through the Canadian Academy of Clinical Biochemistry, (hereinafter referred to as the Academy), f) to maintain and enhance the standards of competence for the practice of Clinical Biochemistry g) to develop and extend postgraduate and postdoctoral training programs; h) to accredit those programs meeting its approved standards; and i) to certify the competence of the graduates of the training programs."

- from the CSCC By-Laws.

CSCC Membership Application Form

Student Eligibility Form*

* Students should complete the Membership Application Form plus the Student Eligibility Form.


Instructions on Applying for Membership 

Your signature on the application form will be taken as affirmation that the credentials listed are correct.

Enclosures: Curriculum Vitae

Fees: Payment must accompany form. Cheques should be payable to : "Canadian Society of Clinical Chemists".

Deadlines: Applications may be submitted at any time, those received by December 1 will be considered by CSCC Council at the Winter Council Meeting, or May 1 for the Summer Council Meeting.

Categories of Membership 

Full ($185 + applicable tax)

•  A person who has graduated from a University Program approved by the Society with a Master's Degree or Doctoral Degree or equivilant and is engaged in professional activity in Clinical Chemistry.

Associate ($180 + applicable tax)

•  A person who is associated with the practice of Clinical Chemistry but does not qualify for Full Membership.

Affiliate ($75 + applicable tax)

•  A person who is a laboratory health care professional who holds an earned Masters Degree or Doctoral Degree (or equivalent) but who is not associated primarily with the practice of Clinical Biochemistry is eligible to become an Affiliate Member.

Emeritus ($0)

•  A person who has been a Full Member for a minimum of ten (10) years, and who is retired from full-time employment.

Student ($55 + applicable tax)

•  A person who is (a) engaged in a postdoctoral training program (or equivilant) approved by the Canadian Academy of Clinical Biochemistry, or (b) who is engaged in not less than half-time graduate studies in a course of training to qualification for Full or Affiliate membership. A Student Eligibility Form must accompany the membership application.

Membership fees are subject to the provincial tax where you reside.

Plus applicable tax in your province Tax  
ON, NB, NL 13% HST
NS 15% HST
PE 14% HST
QC 5% + 9.995% GST + QST
Outside Canada 0% HST


 Academy Fees (CSCC Fee is also required)

Fellow ($150 + applicable tax)

Emeritus Fellow ($0)











































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