2020 CSCC Travelling Lectureship

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Common Reference Intervals - The Theory and the Practice

Reference intervals are a vital part of reporting numerical pathology results, however they are often given much less attention than the results that are compared with them. Indeed studies on reference intervals generally show a variation not related to any analytical differences between laboratories. The presentation will cover the nature of reference intervals and how reference intervals aimed at serving a region or country may differ from those used at a single institution and why this is a vital development. Such common reference intervals must be developed in an appropriate manner and consideration given to promoting widespread adoption.

Learning objectives:
At the end of this session, participants will be able to:
1.  Understand the principles of reference intervals
2.  Understand the importance of common reference intervals
3.  Understand processes for establishing common reference intervals
4.  Understand some of the barriers to introduction of common reference intervals and how to overcome them.



Graham Jones

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Graham Jones is a Senior Staff Specialist in Chemical Pathology at SydPath, St Vincent's Hospital, Sydney. He has obtained his medical degree and a BSc from the University of Sydney and a DPhil in Biochemistry from Oxford University. He also holds fellowships from the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia (FRCPA) and the Australasian Association of Clinical Biochemists (FAACB) and is a conjoint Associate Professor at the University of New South Wales. He has been active in professional activities as a chair or member of national committees on External Quality Assurance in chemical pathology (RCPAQAP), testing for chronic kidney disease, diagnosis of diabetes, units for therapeutic drug monitoring, common reference intervals and safety in laboratory reporting. Internationally he has been chair or member of the IFCC/WASPaLM Task Force on Chronic Kidney Disease since 2009 to 2015 and of the IFCC Committee for Reference Intervals and Decision Limits and is a member of the executive of the Joint Committee for Traceability in Laboratory Medicine (JCTLM). He is a joint author of chapters in “Tietz” on Kidney Disease and on Reference Intervals and has been the AACB Roman lecturer and APFCB travelling lecturer and recipient of the Barry Inglis medal for services to metrology in Australia.



October 16, 2020 ASCC Virtual Annual Conference 
October 20, 2020 BCSCC Virtual Meeting
October 26, 2020  OSCC Virtual Annual Conference