2019 CSCC Travelling Lectureship

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Clinical Proteomics: What Every Sample Wants

Immunoassays serve as the backbone for the measurement of protein biomarkers for the care of patients. These biomarkers are used for the diagnosis, prognosis, and therapeutic management of disease. Unfortunately, many immunoassays that are used clinically can suffer from various shortcomings that lead to misleading results and improper decision-making. For example, human serum samples may include interfering substances that lead to false negative or false positive results. Additionally, results can differ dramatically between platforms, making implementation of research-driven cut-offs problematic. The Hoofnagle laboratory has spent the past decade developing liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometric methods to help solve the issues known to plague many immunoassays for proteins. This talk will summarize those efforts culminating with thyroglobulin, a marker of recurrent thyroid cancer, as a case study.

Learning objectives:
At the end of this session, participants will be able to:
1.  List three reasons why immunoassays may generate misleading results and how mass spectrometric approaches could help provide better accuracy
2.  Outline the steps of a protein assay that uses mass spectrometry as the detection method
3.  Summarize how mass spectrometry can improve monitoring for thyroid cancer recurrence.



Andrew Hoofnagle, MD PhD

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Andy Hoofnagle is Professor of Laboratory Medicine, Head of the Division of Clinical Chemistry, and Deputy Director of the Northwest Lipid Metabolism and Diabetes Research Laboratory, University of Washington, Seattle. His laboratory focuses on developing novel methods for the quantification of proteins and small molecules in clinical samples using LC-MS/MS. His grant-funded research continues to focus on using analytical chemistry to epidemiologically answer questions in vitamin D biology, kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. Professor Hoofnagle mentors students, fellows, and residents in gaining a deeply respectful admiration for the power of mass spectrometry in the care of patients.




September 20, 2019   Edmonton AB 
September 23, 2019   Vancouver BC
September 25, 2019    Saskatoon SK 
October 17, 2019    Halifax NS 
October 18, 2019    St. John's NL 
December 4, 2019   Montreal QC
December 5, 2019   Toronto ON