Point-of-Care Testing Interest Group

Purpose:  To provide a venue for collaborating to share challenges associated with POCT and to facilitate the development of strategies aimed at improving the quality of POCT in our institutions.
Chair: Dr. Julie Shaw
Chair Term of Office: 2014 - 2016
Members:  • Steve Keys
• Nathalie LePage
• Wolfgang Schneider
• Amy Lou
• Laurel Thorlacius
• Adil Khan
• Paul Yip
• Yu Chen
• Ihssan Bouhtiauy
• Yun Huang
• David Blank
• Allison Venner
• Jennifer Shea
• Lei Fu
• Valerian Dias
• Dailin Li
• Arun Garg
• Ted Dunn
• Vidyasagar Bhagadi
• David Cole
• Lyle Redman
• Maria Pasic
• Tom Dembinski
• Colleen Schortt
• Vipin Bhayana
• Li Wang
• Aslan Berna
• Lynn Allen
• Mohebullah Zamkanei
General Activities: • This group would meet annually at the CSCC Annual meeting
• This group will work via email correspondence during  the year
• Initially, this group perform a comprehensive review of the accreditation requirements surrounding POCT in different Provinces
• Individual members will have the opportunity to share the challenges they have encountered as well as their strategies
• The mandate of this group will be to develop consistent strategies to deal with the challenges that face POCT programs, particularly pertaining to accreditation requirements
Minutes: Minutes of the Point of Care Testing Interest Group June 2014 in Charlottetown