Pediatric & Perinatal Biochemistry Focus Group

Purpose:  The Pediatric Focus group is a long-standing forum for clinical biochemists from across Canada who have an interest in pediatric and perinatal biochemistry.
1. Discuss current issues in pediatric clinical chemistry
2. Develop plans for harmonization across pediatric clinical chemistry laboratories in Canada
3. Initiate and implement projects that enhance standardization of laboratory operations and methodologies across pediatric clinical laboratories
Co-Chairs: Benjamin Jung and Jalal Bhuiyan
Chair Term of Office: 2011 - 2014
Members:  • Khosrow Adeli
• Stephen Hill
• James Donelly
• Arun Garg
• Allison Venner
• Amit Ghoshal
• Laurel Thorlacius
• David Colantonio
• Rasoul Alikhani
 • Karina Kapote
• Jocelyne Cousineau
• David Blank
• Denis Lehotay
• Yu Chen
• Nathalie Lepage
• Kent Dooley
• Mohamed Abou El Hassan
• Kareena Schnabl
• Lianna Kyriakopoulou
• Edgar Delvin
• Shash Tilak
• David Seccombe
• Doug Gornall
• Anissa Djemli
• Joe Bottos
General Activities: 1. Meeting held every year during CSCC Annual Meeting.
2. Draft Position statements/Consensus documents
3.  Listserv (under development)
4. Newsletter articles.
Minutes: Minutes of the Pediatric and Perinatal Biochemistry Interest Group June 2014 in Charlottetown