CALIPER Interest Group

Purpose:  CALIPER (the Canadian Laboratory Initiative for Pediatric Reference Intervals) is a multi-centre project among several children's hospitals across Canada including Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton, Montreal, St. John’s, Saskatoon, and Vancouver. The main purpose of the CALIPER interest group is to create a forum for discussion of the ongoing activities of the CALIPER initiative. The project was initiated by a group of clinical chemists associated with the Pediatric Focus Group of the Canadian Society of Clinical Chemists (CSCC) to establish a comprehensive database of pediatric reference intervals for all major biochemical markers of pediatric disease in Canadian children and youth.
Chair: Dr. Khosrow Adeli
Chair Term of Office: 2013 - 2016
Members:  • Jalaluddin Bhuiyan
• Khosrow Adeli
• Benjamin Jung
• Danijela Konforte
• David Colantonio
• Fabienne Parente
• Vijay Grey
• Jemila Hamid
• Julie Shaw
• Kika Veljkovic
• Kristin Hauff
• Nathalie Lepage
• Lianna Kyriakopoulou
• Man Khun Chan
• Qing Meng
• Rasoul Koupaei
• James Samsoondar
• David Seccombe
• Sergei Likhodi
• Victoria Bevilacqua
• Yanping Gong
• Ed Randell
• Julie Shaw
• David Armbruster
• Caitlin Daly
• Julie Shaw
• Gayle Cooper
• Pierre Allard
• Jocelyne Cousineau
• Anissa Djemli
• Benoit Bailey
• Cheri Deal
• Edgard Delvin
• Chantal Horth
• Barbara Murchison
• Julie Fecteau
• Dana Bailey
• Jennifer Shea
• Matt Estey
• Anne Gangloff
• Allison Venner
• Lan Pham (Roche)
• Jack Zakowski (Beckman)
• Gerald Moran (Siemens)
• Kelly Fidler (ROCHE)
• James Donnelly (Siemens)
• Lawrence De Koning
• Jon Nakamoto (quest Diagnostics)
• Joseph Macri
• David Armbruster (Abbott)
General Activities:
  • Collaborate on establishment of pediatric reference intervals
  • Coordinate collection of pediatric blood and urine samples from centres across Canada
  • Harmonize protocols for data analysis and publication of research data
  • Hold face-to-face meetings during the Annual General Meeting of the CSCC
  • Hold occasional conference calls to discuss joint projects and research progress

Please visit the CALIPER websites for more information on the project and to review newly developed reference intervals obtained based on a large population of healthy community children and adolescents.


A New CALIPER Smartphone App has been developed to allow laboratories and physicians to check laboratory results based on the CALIPER Reference Interval database. The following is a link to the CALIPER app on the Apple Store:


Minutes of the 2014 CALIPER meeting in Charlottetown

Agenda for the upcoming 2014 meeting in Charlottetown