Utilization Management Interest Group

Purpose:  The purpose of the CSCC UM SIG is to recommend best practices for laboratory utilization management, including working with Choosing Wisely Canada, and to facilitate the implementation and follow up of those recommendations.
Chair: Dr. David Kinniburgh
Members:  • Dr. Lynn Allen
• Dr. David Blank
• Dr. Ivan Blasutig
• Dr. Ihssan Bouhtiauy
• Dr. Michael Chan
• Dr. Alex Chin
• Dr. Christine Collier
• Dr. Jim Dalton
• Dr. Edgard Delvin
• Dr. Andrew Don-Wauchope
• Dr. Kent Dooley
• Dr. Mohamed Abou El Hassan
• Dr. Yun Huang
• Dr. Steve Keys
• Dr. Adrian Kruit
• Dr. Vathany Kulasingam
• Dr. Loralie Langman
• Dr. Joseph Macri
• Dr. Curtis Oleschuk
• Dr. Maria Pasic
• Dr. Connie Prosser
• Dr. Ed Randall
• Dr. Atoosa Rezvanpour
• Dr. Karen Scraba
• Dr. Julie Shaw
• Dr. Kun-Young Sohn
• Dr. Tracy Teodoro
• Dr. Nicolas Tetreault
• Dr. Allison Venner
• Dr. Lufang Yang
• Dr. Paul Yip
General Activities: 1. UM SIG members are working on Choosing Wisely Canada (CWC) recommendations.
2. UM SIG members are working to implement CWC recommendations in their own laboratories.
3. UM SIG members are working with other groups (IFCC, AACC) to share information.
Minutes: Not available