Catherine Jones

Catherine is Registered Dietitian at BC Children's hospital where she works primarily in the neurology and and surgery inpatient wards. She supports the medical and surgical teams by assessing nutrition status and developing nutrition care plans for infants, children and adolescents. She also works casually at BC Cancer providing nutrition counseling for outpatients experiencing side effects of treatment. She has experience working with patients with a wide variety of nutrition needs and is passionate about promoting the importance of nutrition for recovery and healing.

Vilte Barakauskas

Vilte is a Clinical Biochemist at BC Children's and Women's Hospital and a Clinical Associate professor in the Department of Pathology at UBC. She is interested in how the clinical laboratory impacts pediatric and perinatal healthcare and outcomes and her research interests span areas of laboratory medicine that impact test use, interpretation, and quality. As part of her clinical work, Vilte supports vitamin, trace metals and GI-related testing benches in the lab.

Isolde Seiden Long

Dr. Seiden Long is a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Clinical Biochemistry; a Diplomat of the American Board of Clinical Chemistry; a Clinical Biochemist with Alberta Precision Laboratories; and a Clinical Associate Professor at the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at the University of Calgary.
Dr. Seiden Long is a member of the CSA Z252, the CSA Technical Committee on Lab Quality Management Systems and SCC Mirror Committee (SMC) for ISO Technical Committee 212 (TC212), Clinical laboratory testing and in vitro diagnostic test systems.

Lianna Kyriakoupoulou

Dr. Lianna Kyriakopoulou is currently the director of Genome Diagnostics at the Hospital for Sick Children and Investigator at the SickKids research institute in Genetics and Genome Biology. She received her PhD in Microbiology and Molecular and Medical Genetics from the University of Toronto. She is board certified in Clinical Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics. She has worked as a Clinical Biochemist in the Genetic Metabolic Diseases laboratory and special chemistry at the Hospital for Sick Children.
Dr. Kyriakopoulou’s research interests include development of mass spectrometric and genomic approaches for the diagnosis of rare disorders and quality management for high-complexity clinical laboratory testing. Dr. Kyriakopoulou chaired the Genetics and Molecular Biology task force of the CSA group standards Z316.8-18 and she is the CSCC representative of the CSA Z252, the CSA Technical Committee on Lab Quality Management Systems.

Christopher W. Farnsworth

Dr. Farnsworth is a medical director of clinical chemistry at Barnes Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri and an assistant professor of Pathology and Immunology at Washington University. A considerable amount of his clinical and research efforts are geared toward limiting preanalytic errors in laboratory testing. He has published several manuscripts on the methods and tools for validating pneumatic tube systems.

Joe Wienchek

Dr. Wiencek is a medical director of clinical chemistry at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and an assistant professor of Pathology, Microbiology, and Immunology at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. He has authored numerous publications on preanalytical interference in laboratory testing, received several awards for teaching and research and was also recently selected as a 40 under Forty honoree from the American Society for Clinical Pathology.

Danijela Konforte

Dr. Konforte is a Clinical Biochemist and Discipline Head for Special Chemistry at LifeLabs Ontario. Prior to joining LifeLabs in 2012 she completed clinical chemistry fellowship at the University of Toronto. Danijela holds a doctorate in immunology from the University of Toronto. As the clinical biochemist at LifeLabs, Dr. Konforte oversees a number of testing areas including clinical toxicology, trace metals and a number of HPLC- and mass spectrometry- based tests.

Nicole White-Al Habeeb

Dr. Nicole White-Al Habeeb is a Clinical Biochemist at LifeLabs and a fellow of the Canadian Academy of Clinical Biochemistry. At LifeLabs she provides oversight in the provinces of Ontario and British Columbia in the areas of COVID serology testing as well as allergen testing, toxicology and trace metals. Nicole is a member of the CSCC Harmonized Reference Interval Working Group and serves as a Councillor on the Ontario Society of Clinical Chemists.

Victoria Higgins

Victoria Higgins completed her PhD in Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology at the University of Toronto with a research focus on postprandial dyslipidemia in obese, insulin resistant adolescents. She is currently a second year clinical chemistry fellow at the University of Toronto and is looking forward to her position as a clinical chemist at DynaLIFE in Edmonton. Victoria has been extensively involved with the CALIPER pediatric reference interval project and is a member of Canadian Society of Clinical Chemists (CSCC) Working Groups on Reference Interval Harmonization as well as Education and Public Outreach in Clinical Chemistry (EPOCC).

Khosrow Adeli

Dr. Adeli is a senior scientist and clinical biochemist with over 30 years of experience in clinical chemistry service, education, and research. He currently serves as Division Head of Clinical Biochemistry and Director of the Point of Care Testing Program at the Hospital for Sick Children. He is also a Full Professor at the University of Toronto. Having been actively involved in both fundamental and clinical laboratory research since 1988, Dr. Adeli has published over 500 articles and abstracts with major intellectual contributions to the fields of metabolic health and disease as well as clinical biochemistry and pediatric laboratory medicine. His academic achievements have been recognized nationally and internationally through several prestigious research awards. Recently, Dr. Adeli was elected as president of the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (IFCC).

Jessie Cameron

Dr Jessie Cameron has worked at The Hospital for Sick Children for over 20 years, the majority of this time as a Research Associate in the Mitochondrial clinical diagnostic/ research laboratory. Dr Cameron has published widely in the field, from the initial diagnoses of several novel mitochondrial diseases in humans, to the translation of this knowledge to identify and cure canine mitochondrial disease.

Dr Cameron joined the Department of Paediatric Laboratory Medicine 8 years ago, when the Mitochondrial lab became solely diagnostic and integrated fully with the Genetic Metabolic Lab (Division of Biochemistry).
She has just completed certification in CCMG (Canadian College of Medical Geneticists) Laboratory Biochemical Genetics and is now a Biochemical Geneticist working in the Genetic Metabolic lab.

Bhushan Kapur

I graduated with a D.Phil. from the University of Basel, Switzerland in 1967. I was the Director of Laboratories at the Addiction Research Foundation from 1971 to May 1995. From May 1995 to December 2015, I was with the Division of Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology, Sick Children Hospital in Toronto. I was appointed consultant in the Department of Clinical Pathology, Sunnybrook Health Science Centre and in 2008 a Research Associate in the Sunnybrook Research Institute. From August 2001 to November 2005, I was responsible for the direction of the toxicology laboratory at the St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto.

MSc thesis supervisor of 14 students and examiner of 11 MSc thesis. PhD supervisor and committee member of 20 students and PhD examiner of 17 students.

I retired as Associate Professor in the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto March 2015. I am also Chartered Chemist and Fellow of The Royal Society of Chemistry (UK); Fellow of Academy of Clinical Biochemistry (USA) and Canadian Academy of Clinical Biochemistry (CAN).

Sarah Delaney

Sarah Delaney is a Clinical Biochemist at Unity Health Toronto - St. Michael's Hospital. Sarah completed her PhD in Pharmacology and Toxicology at the University of Toronto and her Clinical Chemistry Fellowship at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.

Francis Lin

Francis Lin did his Ph.D. in biophysics and biomedical engineering at the University of California-Irvine. This was followed by postdoctoral research at Stanford University School of Medicine. Francis then joined the University of Manitoba and is currently a tenured Full Professor in Physics, Immunology and Biological Sciences. His lab studies environmental guiding mechanisms for the migration of different biological cells with the focus on chemical and electrical cues using a combination of microfluidic devices, quantitative modeling and cell biology and immunology approaches. In addition, his lab has been developing lab-on-chip tools for a range of biological and biomedical applications, particularly point-of-care diagnostic applications for chronic diseases. Francis’ past and current research has been supported by training fellowships from NIH and grants from Stanford Bio-X, the University of Manitoba, and various Canadian funding agencies such as NSERC, CIHR, CFI and Research Manitoba. He has been on the executive team of the Division of Physics in Medicine and Biology for the Canadian Association of Physicists, and served as the division chair for 2018-2019.

Edward Randell

Dr. Edward Randell is the Division Chief of Clinical Biochemistry at Eastern Health Authority, Professor of Laboratory Medicine with the Faculty of Medicine at Memorial University, and Director of Clinical Laboratories with Ministry of Health (Government of Newfoundland and Labrador) in the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador. He has worked almost 25 years as a Clinical Biochemist, and is actively involves in CSCC and IFCC activities. His research activities to date have led to over 100 articles in peer-reviewed journals focusing on clinical biochemistry, obesity, diabetes, and arthritis. He is also a Six Sigma black belt and has professional interests in quality management, process improvement, and improving laboratory test utilization.

Jan Palaty

Jan Palaty obtained a PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of BC in 1995 and his CACB certification in 2001. He has since been employed at WorkSafeBC, BC Children's Hospital and LifeLabs (or its subsidiary, the former BC Biomedical), with a particular interest in analytical toxicology and mass spectrometry.

Ivan Blasutig

Dr. Blasutig completed his HonBSc and PhD in Molecular Genetics and Molecular Biology and post-doctoral training in Clinical Biochemistry at the University of Toronto. He was an Academic Clinical Biochemist at the University Health Network for several years and had oversight of the Immunology area of the Biochemistry laboratory.

He is currently working for EORLA as CHEO’s Chief, Division of Biochemistry and Laboratory Director for the EORLA labs at CHEO and the Winchester District Memorial Hospital. He is the Chair of the EORLA Quality Committee, whose function is to lead and promote excellence of quality in Laboratory Medicine across all 18 EORLA laboratories.

Zahraa Mohammed-Ali

Zahraa completed her both her undergraduate and graduate degrees from McMaster University. After her Ph.D. she pursued post-doctoral research work in mass spectrometry where she established a non-invasive proteomics assay for the early detection of fibrosis in renal transplant recipients. She recently completed her training at the University of Toronto clinical chemistry program where she developed an interest in quality improvement in Healthcare.

Miranda Brun

Miranda Brun has a B.Sc in Biochemistry from the University of Alberta. She completed her PhD in Experimental Oncology at the University of Alberta in 2015. Miranda completed a fellowship in clinical biochemistry at the University of Alberta in June, 2020. Miranda is a clinical biochemist at Alberta Precision Laboratories and an assistant professor in the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology at the University of Alberta.

Mathieu Provencal

In January 2011, Dr. Provençal joined the Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital where he worked since as a clinical biochemist. Since 2016, he is in charge of all the POCT use in the hospital and community settings for the eastern part of Montreal.

In the private sector, in 2011, he co-founded an IVF Clinic, and acted as director of the laboratory until October 2014. In 2013, Dr. Provençal published the book: Design, for the general public and dealing with the difficult issue of infertility. The book was translated into English and Chinese.

From 2015 to 2018, he setup a private lab in Quebec to support the Jonhson&Jonhson patient support program for patients suffering from Inflammatory bowel diseases.

Dr Provençal is also involved since 2013 with Accreditation Canada as a surveyor.