Terms of service for the Editors-in-Chief of the Journal and the Newsletter begin on January 1 and are for 3 years (renewable) ending December 31.

Term Editors / Co-Editors Notes
Editors-in-Chief of Clinical Biochemistry  
2018- Dr. Loralie Langman, Rochester MN  
2012-17 Dr. Peter Kavsak, Hamilton  
2007-11 Dr. Edgard Delvin, Montreal  
2000-06 Dr. Khosrow Adeli, Toronto  
1996-99 Dr. Randell Yatscoff, Winnipeg  
1983-95 Dr. David B. Goldberg, Toronto
Dr. Christopher Walker, Hamilton
1979-82 Dr. David B. Tonks, Montreal  
1967-79 Dr. D.J. Campbell, Edmonton  
1967 Dr. Derek Watson, New Westminster
Dr. D.J. Campbell, Edmonton
Founding of the Journal
Editors-in-Chief of CSCC News  
2019- Dr. Cristiana Stefan, Toronto  
2015-18 Dr. Isolde Seiden Long, Calgary  
2008-14 Dr. Mary-Ann Kallai-Sanfacon, Montreal  
2004-07 Dr. Loralie Langman, Rochester MN  
1996-03 Dr. Hilde Vandenberghe, London  
1989-95 Dr. James Dalton, Winnipeg  
1985-88 Dr. Edward Young, Hamilton  
1981-84 Dr. Andrew MacRae, Winnipeg/Oshawa  
1975-81 Dr, Arlene Crowe, Kingston  
1973-75 Dr. Russell Rockerbie, Vancouver  

Note from Dr. Arlene Crowe:

I was unable to find a formal motion by CSCC Council to found CSCC News.  Dr. David Tonks was on Council during CSCC's first 10 years, and when he succeeded Dr. Wm. Bauld as Secretary in 1958 after Dr. Bauld's untimely death, Dr. Tonks would assemble minutes of AGMs, Council meetings, etc. into mimeographed newsletters distributed to all members by regular mail, and numbered in Dr. Tonk's handwriting in order from #1.  When Dr. Russell Rockerbie was Editor and was able to obtain commercial sponsorship for professional printing of the newsletter (1973), he adopted the year of the #1 newsletter as Volume 1, and that explains why the volume number is two year behind the actual age of CSCC.