How do I become a clinical chemist?

There are several routes to becoming a Clinical Chemist in Canada.  The most common is first to obtain a Ph.D. in a branch of chemistry or life science (often biochemistry or physiology) and then to enter a two-year Postdoctoral Training Program in Clinical Chemistry (one centre has a 3-year program).  Such programs, available at 6 universities in Canada are directed toward acquiring professional competence as well as a small research complement. 

Professional competence is assessed through written and oral examinations set and supervised by the Canadian Academy of Clinical Biochemistry (CACB), a body within the Canadian Society of Clinical Chemists (CSCC).  A Specialty Certificate is awarded following successful completion of the examinations.  

Postdoctoral Training Programs

University of Toronto, Toronto Ontario
Program Directors: 
Dr. Vathany Kulasingam (
Dr. Paul Yip (

McMaster University, Hamilton Ontario
Program Director:  Dr. Cynthia Balion  []

Université de Montréal, Montréal, Québec
(D.E.P.D.; Diplôme d'Études Post-Doctorales)
Program Director: Dr Jean-Pierre Émond :  [[] 

University of Manitoba, Winnipeg Manitoba
Program Driector:  Dr. AbdulRazaq Sokoro [
University of Manitoba Postgraduate Medical Education
Information package on this program
Call for applicants

University of Calgary and Alberta Precision Labs
Program Directors
Dr. Hossein S.M. Sadrzadeh and Dr. Jessica Boyd, co-directors; Shawna Pitman, program coordinator 

University of Alberta, Edmonton Alberta
Program Driectors:  Dr. Anna Füzéry []

Foreign Credentials

If you have a university degree from a university outside Canada or the USA, and need your credentials assess and recognized for one of these programs, please consult the Government of Canada Foreign Credentials  Referred Office (1-888-854-1805).

For more detailed information on the examination process, go to the Certification page, which includes the Syllabus (English and French versions), and copies of recent examinations.




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