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This award recognizes outstanding contributions by a Fellow of the Academy who advances the standards and recognition of Clinical Biochemistry as a Health Care Profession and thereby advances the professional objectives of the Academy.

The Award shall be presented annually, but if in the opinion of the Board of Directors of the Academy no suitable candidate is available in any year, the Award shall not be made.

The Award shall be accompanied by a framed certificate and an honorarium in the amount of $1,500.00 donated by Siemens Canada Limited.

The recipient of the Award is not usually expected to give an address or give a paper, but the Award and the reading of the citation shall usually be made at the Annual Conference of the CACB. A representative of the Company shall be invited to participate in the presentation.

No formal nomination procedure is specified but members of the Academy may propose suitable candidates to the Board of Directors through the Head Office of the Academy. Proposals may be solicited annually in the Newsletter of CSCC.

Cheryl Tomalty 2022   

2022 Winner

Cheryl Tomalty


 Award winners

2022 Cheryl Tomalty
2021 Peter Kavsak
2020 Robert W. Moore
2019 Eleftherios P. Diamandis
2018 Sheila Boss
2017 Mary-Ann Kallai Sanfaçon
2016 Edward Randell
2015 Qing Meng
2014 Thomas Dembinski
2013 Nathalie Lepage
2012 Christine Collier
2011 John Krahn
2010 Wolfgang Schneider
2009 Donald C. Greenway
2008 Vijaylaxmi Grey
2007 Bernard Vinet
2006 Stephen Hill
2005 Andrew Lyon
2004 Khosrow Adeli
2003 David Parry
2002 Patricia Collins
2001 Raymond Lepage
2000 Peter S. Bunting
1999 Robert E. Hill
1998 Matthew McQueen
1997 Roger Sanfaçon
1996 Paul Desjardins
1995 Douglas G. Gornall
1994 Allan G. Gornall
1993 Morris Pudek (1st recipient)

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