cscc logo2

The logo incorporates three symbols - the human body, the flask and the maple leaf - that uniquely identify the Canadian Society of Clinical Chemists. The human body, which is the focus of the image, symbolizes that clinical chemistry is concerned with the underlying chemical and metabolic processes of human life. Placed inside a recognizable tool of the science, the body submits to chemical analysis suggestive of either a standardized diagnostic procedure or investigative research. While the maple leaf identifies the society as distinctively Canadian, the sphere representing the head of the human icon also can be interpreted as a globe, which then communicates the society's international affiliations.

The naive style gives the logo a contemporary look and reinforces the message that clinical chemistry is a young and forward-looking science. The opposing black and white images underscore the message that beyond the superficial perception of living things, clinical chemistry enhances our understanding, unravelling the mysteries of human life at its most fundamental level.

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